Have you ever heard about the American Dream? If you haven’t, good, because that’s what I’m here to talk about.

I’m going to talk about what the american dream is about, why someone even would want to live outside of the society and my own opinion on the american dream and how it differs from the main character in the movie into the wild.

Point 1: Explain what the American dream is and what it inclines to be a part of it

Point 2: Why would anyone choose to live outside of the society?

Point 3: My opinion on the american dream and how is my view of freedom different or similar from the main characther in into the wild?

Point 2: Why would anyone choose to live outside of the society?
But this ”perfect” society might suffocate people and make them feel that they don’t fit in, some people leave the society to live as outcasts since that might feel like the right thing to do and some sort of rescue for some people.

People who don’t feel like they succeed in life even though they work hard and have dreams and goals might give up and feel like it’s better to leave the society and not live in it at all instead of living the life of a failure. E

ven though the American Dream mostly is about taking risks and working towards the goal of a ”perfect” life I would also say that it’s about the right timing as well as luck.

Without those two factors it’s hard getting anywhere in life, there is people who work hard yet fail to achieve the success they’re dreaming of.

The main character of the movie Into the wild however was sick of his ”money-driven” materialistic parents and was tired of how the society works with going to school, then work, then more work for about 50 years etc. to have a happy and healthy life.

He wanted to do his own thing, find himself and be free from our materialistic society and that’s why he left.