Cosmopolitan’s article Here’s what you need to know about the #FreeBritney movement taking over your social media feeds (6/10 2020) is about the free Britney conspiracy theory and it explains why people believe in it.

Britney Spears is 38 years old but according to Mehera Bonnier, she is declared incapacitaded. Her father has her under control and takes every decision that Britney otherwise would do.

Cosmopolitan always uses sources in their articles to make it more trustworthy, but when I click at the sources they are also gossip magazines, like Page six, which often creates fake news about famous persons.

The fact that the source is a second source makes it less trustworthy since it is depending on another source. And because of that, some facts could have been changed or misunderstood on the way.

They also show videos as proof like when Britney's brother speaks about her being trapped by her father which is a good source of information beauce it’s her brother speaking and he should know stuff about his family.