Many of you might already know this, but recycling is the process where your waste materials converts into new products to prevent you from wasting materials with the potential of being reused again. This is to reduce the consumption of new raw material and also to reduce air and water pollution by reusing the old materials, reduce the usage of energy.

Recycling should be mandatory because it preserves our planet, and in the end our planet is all we have. Without it we would not be here and therefore it does not add up that we do not prioritize preserving it higher. If we make recycling mandatory it only takes days till it has become an everyday habit.

Not just any everyday habit, but one that saves our planet and promises a future for our upcoming generations.

Today we live in a society where the majority of people have extremely high standard of living, this means that we purchase more than we actually need and therefore use up the resources that our planet gives us faster and faster. Therefore the question about recycling should be taken even more seriously considering our way of living in today’s society .

It only makes sense to increase the amount of material recycled as we increase the amount of material used. The least we can do is to recycle the material we over-use so it can be reused again.