Youths, free minds, flowers, sex, peace, drugs. A nightmare coming true or one of the most important movements in history? In this essay I will discuss if the hippie movement affected the society in a positive or negative way.

In the middle of 1960 a new subculture developed, also known as the hippie movement which was a non-violent movement. This was a reaction to the ongoing vietnam war of the people that were tired of the unsafe environment in their country, and wanted peace. This culture was popular in young ages.

They affected through demonstrations, festivals and, the strongest of them all, community. The hippie movement are often represented of the slogans “make love not war” and “flower power”. It is generally known that they were positive to drugs and to live in the moment.

The subculture brought a more accepting sight in questions about sexuality, gender and skin colour that is also very discussed and important in present time.

The hippies accepted the differences between people, which made them to a very friendly and accepting community. Today many countries have laws saying that every human should have the right to love any person they want no matter which gender they are, and the foundations of these laws are thoughts born in the hippie movement.

We have this movement to thank for all those people that had an aberrant sexuality towards the norm that is no longer living under an oppression and do not have the need to hide who they are. That is one of the most fundamental human rights.