I chose this subject because it is a huge problem around the world, and I think that it takes most place in the US among with racism and segregation.

With this project work I want to make the reader understand the the blackfishing issue going around and most importantly, why this is such a huge problem.

But after that it might still be taken lightly from a lot of people. Also, to make the reader understand why a lot of afro- americans get mad or infuriated when they see the problem on social media or in real life.

First of all I’m going to explain what blackfishing is and why it is an issue. Well, it is when a white person, or a non Afro-american try to present themselves as ‘’black’’.

They do this by tanning or using darker color makeup or bronzing. They get various cosmetic procedures done to enhance their features as black.

So, what does that have to do with allegedly white people trying to act black? Well, me myself have seen a lot of females (usually caucasians) on social media use darker makeup for an afro-american appearance.

Recently the case of Emma Hallberg had been trending around the world, with people on social media accused her of blackfishing. Which she denied.