I´ve read the book Dracula, I think many of you have heard about it, and there is more than one main character, but the most important ones are Jonathan, his fiancee Mina and her best friend Lucy and Dracula himself of course.

The whole story begins with Jonathan travelling to Draculas castle in Transylvania to do some work-related stuff, where he experiences some strange things.

He notices that Dracula is not a normal person, he sleeps in a coffin, shuns sunlight, seems to have supernatural powers and Jonathan tries to figure out who Dracula is or what creature he is.

In this castle lives Dracula with three ladies, who are very sexual, aggressive and brash, more about them later. When Jonathan gets home to London, Dracula follows him and after a while he attacks Lucy, and she becomes a vampire. Jonathan, Mina and a couple of friends find out that Dracula is a vampire and that the virus which makes someone a vampire is transmitted by blood.

The whole story ends with them defeating Dracula.