Books and movies are usually written in many different genres to attract the reader's interest. In order to grow and educate the teenagers of the century, many writers write youth literature in different forms and structures.

William Golding wrote the book Lord of the Flies in 1954 to represent humans’ engagement in the battle between civilization and savagery, as well as the irrational actions of humans caused by fear.

James Dashner. the writer of the movie The Maze Runner (2014), also wrote the story about humans behavior during a conflict regarding death and survival.

On the island, the boys are engaged in this battle between civilization and savagery, and we see that fear is making the boys act irrationally.

Some of the boys turn wild and their leader is Jack. Jack has leadership abilities as well, but he is more despotic and authoritarian.

He and Ralph agreed with each other in the beginning, but as time goes on, they go in different directions. Jack is really focused on hunting and being in touch with his urges on the island.

While Ralph is thinking about returning to civilization and having that signal fire going, and their different viewpoints create a conflict.

Some goes between Thomas and Gally. Gally wants the boys to stay in the glade for their safety but Thomas eventally gets every one out of there.

Lord of the Flies takes place on an island which is neather named nor habited by anyone. Mean while The Maze Runner takes place in the future.

The setting in the movie is a green land called "The Glade" surrounded by a maze that changes everyday. The ones called Runners run through the maze everyday to memorize it and try to solve it.

The boys in Lord of the Flies are also trapped in a green land, but they are instead surranded by water.

Since The Maze Runner is written as a post-apocalyptic fiction, the story includes unrealistisct events such as the collaps of the world and the giant spider formed robots they call the geavers.