In countries all over the world people are executed because of their crimes.

In the United States of America death penalty is legal in over 32 states. The punishment takes the life of a criminal in the name of justice.

The persons who get punished with their lives have often committed a very rough crime, such as murder or rape.

But is it “justice” to kill a person that has killed? Is not that just hypocrisy?

The result of the act will still be the same despite of who did it. Someone´s life has ended (

The punishment has existed for a very long time and it started out in the early centuries. Taking a life of a person that has committed a crime was common before.

If you murdered, raped or even stole you could be executed. Another common crime that you got punished with your life for was treason.

Kings and queens got accused of betraying their kingdom and they got punished with their lives. There were even people working as executioners.

A common invention in the 1700’s was the guillotine. But we have developed a lot from those times.

Today we have a proper right system and a lot of countries takes the human rights seriously.

But still the punishment “death penalty” is used in a highly developed country as The United States of America.

There are several ways to execute a person but the most common ways are the lethal injection and the electric chair.

Crimes that are punishable with death penalty is murder, rape or any sexual abuse of a minor.

In the last minutes of the life of the criminal his loved ones will be watching him die.

And for the person without family he will be leaving the world alone surrounded by prison guards.