The aftermath
Officer Droomor

The aftermath
After the attack on Teena the community started to blame it on her.

That it may was the way she dressed or the signals she was sending rather than seeing her as a victim of the assault. But they failed.

The realness off sexual assault and how harsh they can be is that disturbing that people try to repress the truth even if it betrays the victim.

Tina hears gossips that she maybe was asking for it. Maybe she was leading them on and quickly changed her mind, but it was too late.

The plot is a summary of all the different ways people betray Tina when she needs them the most.

Officer Droomor
Officer Droomor was Tina's “friend”. But even Droomor could not keep his mind of his own controlment.

He often treats Tina in a manipulative way, hinting that he may be involved just because he thinks Tina will sleep with him.

He saw himself as her hero, her savior and for that she would exchange sex.