I’m standing on a big table while putting up balloons in the roof. The struggle holding my long dress up makes the not so stable table even more unsafe.

Every little corner in the local is filled with decorations in every colour I can possibly think of. The music plays loudly from our high tecnic speaker.

I can feel their rhythm in my stomach. My friends and I sing along with the music, scream every single word out loud.

The guy I hated for years feels like my annoying little-brother. We’re not classmates anymore, we’re family. It’s so hot inside that we need to go out on the balcony every half hour to get some air.

It’s so calm outside that the only thing I can hear is the thundering music from inside. No birds are gathering on the grass and not a single car is driving pass.

The sun is on it’s way down and and the sky is turning from blue into a dark orange colour. Without worrying about the food we just ate, we jump high with our hands in the air.