So what’s the key to a good life? I think that nobody will disagree with me when I say that the key to a good life is happiness. The answer to the following question, how to be happy, is though a bit harder to answer.

The interpretation of happiness differs from person to person and I personally think that if you consider your life a good one, it is a good one.

So it’s all about what you feel on the inside because who is somebody else to judge you, and how you decide to live your life?

Having a place in society. And by that I mean that you’ll have friends and a social life. And also having the opportunity to go to a school and feel that you belong in society.

The last contributing factor for a good life is human rights. Human rights such as clean water and food are things that people living in industrialized countries don’t give much thought to, but some people don’t have those modern conveniences.

I think that people living in richer countries should think about that more often. But this list is made on the basis of my own personal opinions and can differ depending on who you ask.