My most memorable Christmas holiday moment was a trip to The United States of America. The whole trip was so interesting and fun which makes it really hard to pick out one particular moment that was more memorable than the other ones.

My family and I travel a lot which makes the whole concept of traveling less exciting. But to travel to the United States of America was nevertheless very exciting and I remember looking down at the country while flying and thinking about the beautiful landscape.

In the USA I experienced a lot of things that would not have been possible in Sweden. My parents planned the trip hoping that my brother and I would learn a lot and not only relax at the beach.

Because of that we traveled between cities in the State of Florida to really see all that Florida had to offer. And let me tell you that the state did not disappoint.

In the two weeks we were in the USA we visited Miami, Orlando, Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale. In Miami we spent most of the time at the so-called South beach.

South Beach is well known for the beautiful environment, which contains a wide and long sand beach surrounded by ocean and tall buildings.