Where this country is located
The capital city
Umayyad Mosque:
Bab Sharqi:
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Where this country is located
Syria is located in the west of Asia, it is bordered to the north by turkey, to the east by Irak, to the south by Jordan and to the west by Palestine, Lebanon and the Mediterranean sea

The capital city
Damascus is the capital of Syria, it became the country's largest city in the early 2010s. Damascus is known in Syria as alsham and titled the "City of Jasmine”. it is a major cultural center of the Arab world and one of the oldest cities in the world. Damascus has a lot of landmarks like:

Umayyad Mosque:
The Umayyad Mosque is a famous landmark. it is located in the old city of damascus. Umayyad Mosque is a holy place and huge muslim mosque in the middle east.