The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know. I am humble to the life I’ve never lived. I am humble to the things I’ve never seen and the things I never was allowed to say.

I have walked with the changing winds of history, fought against the constant tides that refused my being. I have created the footsteps that you have tried to walk in.

I am humble to the life I never lived but grateful for the hand that was given to me. They dealt me unplayable cards and yet I turned the game. Why the hell are you still playing?

Derek was not like him. Sure they fought alike but the assertiveness in John could never be matched in Derek. He was always scared, always contemplating on morals, right or wrong.

Derek was throwing bricks with his left arm because the right one might damage too much. Still he fought. He had followed the people that believed that the pen is mightier than the sword like Dr King.

When that was not enough, he fought among the ones that turned to hate. Words never worked but nore did the fists. He had found the middle path.

Action that spoke louder than words but was more peaceful than the neighborhood he foolishly set fire to. About 6 months ago he had joined CORE and that is where he had met John.

Derek had been intimidated just by his handshake. The rawness of the coarse palm spoke of gritty work. John was tall and his frame sturdy, yet his face was warm and inviting.

You couldn’t be scared of him because he seemed to make everyone around him feel safe. Oklahoma born and raised. He had seen the worst of mankind and been treated as poorly as one could imagine.

The hate directed towards John had created a fire within him unlike Derek had ever seen before. John had made it out and now he fought for those who hadn’t.

From that day Derek would gravitate towards him and basically follow him anywhere. That’s why he was now sitting on that bus seat. Simon says and Derek does.