I had never killed a person before tonight. Strange enough, I don't fell any remorse. Instead, I feel some sort of greatness. As confident as ever I look around the large room in curiosity.

The massive clock on the wall draws my attention, it has a rusty gold colour and the hour numbers are missing.

Suddenly I hear sounds coming from one of the many doors in the big hallway. “Bam! Paw!”. My heart starts beating faster and harder than ever and I lose control, running to the exit as fast as I can.

After having sat in the car for a while, I decided to drive home to end this crazy night. After parking right outside the house, pressing down the window I turn around carefully. After seeing that the coast is clear I walk out of the car.

I knock gently on the door to not make any loud sounds. After having been outside for a minute or so, dad finally gets to the door.

“Son! Why haven't you answered our calls? I have told you to always keep me updated!” Says dad with his face turning red.

“Sorry dad, I have not had the time to answer, you cannot imagine what just happened!”. Now, I feel on top of my game again, getting hungry for more.