Use and ownership of guns requires strict regulation by the government to prevent any form of misuse.

Policies on possession of firearms especially guns in USA differs from those of Canada. These policies dictate ownership and use of guns in the community.

Statistics indicate that almost seventy five percent of US families are in possession of licensed guns.

This is contrary to families in Canada who have minimal and regulated possession of guns. In Canada, strict measures are in place to control possession and use of guns in the society.

Statistics indicate that American people have the highest ownership rate of guns worldwide. This is because of high population and liberal laws on gun ownership and culture.

The increasing insecurity levels and gun privatization have seen the rate of gun possession escalate every year.

There has been a debate to amend gun laws, which will result to maximum control of gun use and ownership.

Majority of private gun owners are against the motion as this will interfere with their daily activities such as game hunting.

Gun culture in United States has changed over time. This is because the formation of illegal gangs in various states such as Chicago has led to misuse of guns.

Recent cases of shooting of school students by members of various gangs reflect the impact of guns misuse in the society.

Freedom to own guns among the youth have significantly increased the occurrences of violent acts, murder and social immoralities.