Police brutality against black people in The United States

One of the most famous events of police brutality against black people is the Rodney King assault on march third, 1991. (L. Davis, 1994) King refused to pull the car over when the California Highway Patrol caught him speeding.

When the police managed to stop him he was struck with two darts from a teaser gun, containing 50,000 volts. Within two minutes he was hit by 56 baton blows and kicked several times. Approximately 15 officers are seen in the video witnessing the beating. King suffered from brain damage, eleven skull fractures, kidney damage as well as emotional damage. (L. Davis, 1994)

The definition of police brutality is “the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians.” (Danilina, no date published) Racism is defined as the ideology that one race is superior or inferior to another race. (Ross, 05-11-15)

Police officers in the US find them self in dangerous situations everyday requiring them to make hard decisions. It has been shown several times that they possess the power to take any citizens rights away, as well as their lives. (Hargrove, December 2015)

I choose this topic due to the fact that I find racism a very interesting subject and I find its impact on different society’s highly important. It is in my biggest interest to investigate this extremely complex phenomena to see if racism could be the underlying cause to police brutality.

I also find it extremely important to talk more about taboo subjects such as racism. Since racism, in all kind of forms, can be a sensitive and personal subject for a lot of people many tend to avoid it.

I believe people are not educated enough in the subject, we do not read a lot about it in school since governmental schools have to be political neutral. Therefore most people learn about racism from informal knowledge such as movies, music, politics, the people around you and much more.

It is highly important that people makes their own opinion and do their own research and not just believe what people around you say. From my experience of studying racism I have found that study s and articles about the subject tend to try to persuade you to believe that racism and dividing people into categories is nothing wrong.

That is why I have chosen this to write about police brutality from a racist perspective – so that people can study all perspectives and forms of racism and then make up their own opinion.

1. Introduction
2. Purpose
2.1 Research question
3. Method
4. Result – Is racism one of the causes for police brutality against black?
5. Discussion
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography

The result from the literary study that was made show that racism is one of the main reasons for police brutality against black. It is hard to prove that racism are affecting how people act as well as that it can be the reason for a lot of the iniquity in the world.

It is hard to prove since it is a taboo subject for a lot of people to talk about which is important to keep in mind. However, the chance that all the facts and statics showing racism as the cause of police brutality would be a coincidence is very slight.

Statics show that unarmed black citizens in Miami are 22 times more prone to be shot by a police officer than unarmed white citizens. Therefore it is also shown that black individuals are the majority of the victims of police brutality. Data reported to the FBI also indicate that white police officers killed black citizens almost twice a week between the year of 2005 and 2012. (Ross, 05-11-15)

There are cases where a particular group of kids will be stopped, searched as well as harassed for "looking suspicious" or "fitting the description of a suspect" daily by the police.

In New York City between the years of 1997-1998 the Street Crimes Unit stopped over 45,000 men, mostly African American in order to make slightly more than 9000 arrest (Chua-Eoan, 02-28-00).

A study that was made in 2011 in New York showed that out of the 636,288 people that was randomly stopped by the New York police department, 574,483 of the victims identified as either black or Latino. Of the 574,483 minority victims, 129,590 experienced some form of police violence. (Hargrove, December 2015)

A report that was made in Ferguson 2010 showed that black people made out 67.4% of the population. Out of the 53 officers in Ferguson department there were only three black officers.

(Hargrove, December 2015) The Department Of Justice stated that “We must report that when we interviewed members of the community about their experiences with the police, many African Americans reported that they believe officers are verbally as well as physically aggressive toward them because of their race.” (Hargrove, December 2015)

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