The Police Statement
The analysis

This mirrors the look on a police and it’s duty that I have. Therefore it was obvious that the police would be named Ezekiel in the story. Aeque has no religious connection, but means Justice in latin.

It’s said in the book that the mother was “just a kid” by Tom Crick, which is the reason it’s written that the mother to the child were just 19 years old in the statement.

The mother also has one other connection to the story in Waterland, namely the incest element that Waterland has with Helen Atkinson (the mother of Tom) having a baby with her father (Ernest Atkinson), which gave the result Dick (the believed brother of Tom which is proven wrong late in the book).

The mother in this story is carrying the same relation with her father being the father to her children as well.

The event is described all according to the way they tell us in the story, with the time aspect taken in consideration. The police’s way of working was also made to reflect the reality in an optimal and truthful way.

Mary is said to be very religious throughout the book, and so she is in this story. The reason for her to steal the kid that is given is that god had told her. This is said in the book on page 268, on which she says “God told me, God...[To steal the kid]”.

This has a religious connection since Mary was desperate due to the abortion she had gone through at the witch's house when being younger. Being religious made her think that God would deliver her a children of his own, just like in the Bible were it is said, “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" (Isaiah 7:14).

This meant that Mary (his mother) was getting pregnant with god, which later made Mary in Waterlands think she had been exposed to the same thing. The same connection is taken up in the police statement as the probable reason for Mary to kidnap the kid from the mother.