Hi there. So glad that you have found my blog and diary from my dream trip to South Africa.

I have just finished my three years in high school and have been lucky enough to work a bit with a travel magazine. I write a little about my journey, and they sponsor me so I can get away. Really win win and no one is happier than me.

I just arrived to South Africa and its an amazing country, I stay in in Cape Town for a few days and therefore go explore the north parts of the country.

I realized that the history is a big part of hos its today and how the South African is very different from other parts of Africa.

The first people to explore South Africa was the origin inhabitants Khoi and San people. But then the colonist came, the first colonial country were Dutch people, they invaded South Africa to crop farms and have power of the trading routes.

Then came British settlers and settled in South Africa. Something I think is very important is not to forget about the origin people in this beautiful country, but that what was happening.

It was a conflict between the origin people and colonial settlers.

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BLOG 2, about Traditions in the country
BLOG 3, pre-story

A braai can be planned in advance, but usually happens simply, spontaneously and unforced. It´s often kneaded and you bring your own meat.

If it is braai going on, you pack your meat and something to drink and go there and throw the meat on the grill.

This is not often the case in Sweden, perhaps among us young people but not among adults I think. Yes, we have barbecue evenings, but usually it is a closed party.

And planned in advance with the invitation even though you are close friends or family.