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I´m goanna talk about a book which is “The notebook”, and which written of Nicholas Sparks. It was written in 1996 and published first in Great Britain by Doubleday.

The story starts with an old man reading from a notebook to an old woman in nursing home.

The notebook he is reading from belongs to the woman. Noah, the old man and Alli has a past together that Alli can not remember because of her Alzheimer.

He was reading for her every day and she could not remember and if she did it would have been a miracle.

So, the book is focused on the love invelopment between the two. Noah fell in love with Alli at the first sight, but it was hard for them to just to get together.

Alli is from a rich family and Noah is not. When it comes to her parents, they did not want her to get married with such a poor man.

Later when Alli and her parents move to New York, they make her get married to a man of their class and she can not do anything about it.

After 14 years apart Alli and Noah will see each other again. One day Alli sees Noah on the newspaper, he has built a house from the start.