These weeks of reading have been very interesting, but here’s the review so relax, sit back and read.

Daniel Dafoe
Plot summary
The main characters
- Robin Crusoe
- Friday
- Mr. & Mrs. Crusoe
- Xury
- The widow
- Would i recommend the book?

The novel of Robin Crusoe starts with a young man from York, a city in northern England.

Robin Crusoe is a man with thirst for adventure close to he’s heart and leaves home against he’s parents advice going on a number of sea adventures.

At one point when a storm comes on to his ship, he begs for repentance but gets on another boat soon thereaf ter.

In the rising action, Moroccan pirates traps Crusoe and makes him a slave. But with some help from other slaves, Crusoe escapes and travels to Brazil and becomes a plantation owner and is somehow successful.

But then he goes on a another adventure and gets shipwrecked, all the other humans in the boat died and Crusoe was the only survivor.

Then Crusoe lives all alone on the island for 23 years, during that time he raises livestock, grows crops, builds fortifications and he documents his experience.