American History X | Recention

This is a crime-dramafilm released 1998 by Tony Kaye.
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“American History X” is a horrible movie about the violence in the current USA. The younger brothers Derek and Danny Vinyard lose their father.

Their father worked as a policeman and is murdered during a major shooting drama with some answering involved. Derek then becomes the leader of a neo-Nazi movement.

It goes too far for Derek and he kills two blacks and sentenced to three years in prison. Danny begins to follow in his brother`s footsteps more and more.


Danny writes an essay in school about what the whole story is built around. He writes that he agrees with about Adolf Hitler`s thoughts.

Danny has a dark-skinned principal by name Sweeny who gets upset which forces him to write an essay about his brother`s life, as a punishment.

He is forced to write this essay so as not to be suspended. In the story, we follow Danny as a child. He ends up in the wrong lanes because of his brother and his company.

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