What should be thought about the British empire’s history

In the article” British Empire is still being whitewashed by the school curriculum – historian on why this must change” which is published on www.theconversation.com (02- 11- 2018)  is based on Jeremy Corbyn’s thought telling us national curriculum tells only the good side of the history and children would be thought about British imperialism and colonialism which Corbyn call it “black history is British history”.

What should be thought about the British empire’s history
Jeremy Corbyn is wrong about the evils of the British Empire (Summary) Of Sam Akaki

The article discusses Corbyn’s proposal for a change in the British school curriculum. Jeremy Corby wants that all schoolchildren must learn more about the suffering and negative consequences that had been caused by British imperialism and colonialism.

This statement comes after research showed in general that three out of five Britons saw the empire as something to be proud of while the rest felt there was a reason to be ashamed.

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