Specifically, you are supposed to concentrate on the following points in your speech:
1. Describe one historical effect of the British colonisation on your chosen colony
2. Describe and compare the historical effect mentioned in point 1 to a more modern effect of the British colonisation.

I have chosen to discuss the colonisation of Australia that occurred during the late 18th century. Great Britain had an issue with overcrowded prisons and therefore began shipping convicts off to Australia once they had discovered the country and saw its possibilities. The speech will mostly be focused on the suppression of the aboriginals of Australia as well as how it has affected Australia as a nation today.

The british colonization affected Australia today in more than one way, the most important being “the stolen generation”. In the article Stolen Generations (Australians Together, 2017) it is stated that during the time period 1910-1970, children from the aboriginal families were forcibly taken from their families because of government policies.

The policy titled Assimilation was based on the assumption of black inferiority and white superiority, the plan was for the aboriginals to vanish and “die out” or force them to adjust themselves to the white community.

These children who were taken away were taught to reject their heritage and adopt the white community’s standards. Australians together claim that they were not allowed to speak their traditional languages, their names had to be changed and they were often put in either “foster family’s” or in institutions where abuse was common.

the colonisation of AustraliThis policy did not succeed due to the fact that even if the aboriginals lived like the white people, they were never accepted as one.