The purpose of this analysis is to give my thoughts and opinions about the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

In this analysis, I will be looking at the plot, setting, structure, characters, and theme of this book and also give my personal view of the book.

The book is titled Fahrenheit 451 because that is the degree to which book-paper burns. The firefighter’s job in this fictional world is to burn books.

Point of view, setting, and language
Theme, setting, and tone

Fahrenheit 451 follows the classical book structure. The exposition happens at the beginning of the story, as readers will find out that the main character is Montag and that he is not your typical fireman.

As the story progresses and the plot thickens, the author reveals that the main conflict in this book is between Montag’s job as a fireman and his curiosity for the books and the urge to find out what is written inside the books.

His curiosity will lead to a series of rising actions, such as when he hides the book from the burning woman's house. While Beatty was visiting, Mildred found the hidden book under Montag’s pillow.

This leads to Mildred and her friends reporting Montag’s home, and in the process, Beatty was shot by him.

This series of activities will consequently lead to the story's climax, and this is where all the suspense and emotions happen.

Here, Montag is wanted by the police, the mechanical hound is trying to sni" him out, and the readers are on edge.