Natural disasters have always happened, but throughout human history we haven’t had the ability to influence nature on such a large scale that it could change the climate.

And as long as the temperature of our world continues to rise, we can expect events like fires, drought, flooding and hurricanes to happen more often and on a bigger scale.

Today I'll address how the climate changes can cause natural disasters, what's causing the climate to change and how we can prevent this.

How is climate change causing natural disasters?
What is causing the climate to change?
ow can we prevent the climate from changing?

A hotter world doesn’t just affect fires and droughts, melting glaciers and ice sheets are causing sea levels to rise.

A warmer atmosphere also holds more water which means heavy rain is more likely and flooding is more common.

It also has an effect on hurricanes, warmer air and ocean temperature results in hurricanes becoming more intense while higher seas mean that storm surges are bigger and ultimately cause more damage.

Hurricanes are categorized by their wind speed and because warmer temperatures allow forming hurricanes to pick up more energy, category four and five hurricanes are becoming more likely.

Experts predicts hurricanes in these highest categories to more than double in frequency by the end of the century, World Meteorological Organization (2020)