Today, several billion people live on our planet and most of us are well, but there are 10% of the world's population living in extreme poverty.

We over consume material things and most of us live a life of abundant resources.

Because of this, many people turn their backs on people who are actually suffering and continue to spend thousands of dollars on insignificant things.

What if the money we spend had gone to the needy, would not extreme poverty have been eradicated? 1

However, not only is poverty a consequence of war but can also be a cause of war too.

In countries where there are clear class differences caused by, forexample, political corruption, there are the people who strive for change and rebel against the state, which can lead to war breaking out.

Human rights are universal, which means that it applies to every individual, regardless of culture, gender or country, and the rights say that all people are born free, are equal in dignity and have the same rights.