There has been an increase in the number of cultures experiencing a similar phenomenon as SARS-CoV-2 virus-induced COVID-19 disease: a rapid spread of false information, conspiracy theories, and a general sense of unease about what is truly going on in the world.

5G cellular technology is blamed for some of the virus's spread. At the same time, some allege Bill Gates is implementing a global vaccine and surveillance program due to the virus's emergence.

Even though many of these allegations were quickly debunked and proven false, the rapid spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories has inspired a WHO Board member to remark that "We're not just battling an illness; we're fighting an information pandemic."

As hazardous as this virus, misleading news spreads far more quickly (Freeman et al, 2020).

COVID- Conspiracy theories and misinformation significantly impact real-world events, as evidenced by numerous incidences in numerous nations.

Conspiracy theories linking the 5G cellular network to the disease have led to more than 250 documented assaults on telecom workers in the UK.

Many mobile telecom masts have been set on fire in the Netherlands.

According to more studies, conspiracy theories about the disease have been linked to lower vaccination intentions, a lack of faith in government and health institutions, and a reluctance to implement restrictive measures to prevent disease spread (Georgiou et al, 2020).