Every day we are constantly fed by the idea of how our body should or should not look like. Magazines advertising on how to lose ten pounds in less than a week

facebook reminding you of getting that six-pack ready for summer, and even your mom asking if you “really should go for another serving” of food during dinner, all to hide our “imperfections”.

The tv show “What Would You Do?”, did a social experience where they went to the gym to see how people would respond when they saw actors playing body-shaming bullies criticize a woman for her body shape.

The actors in the episode directly criticized the plus size woman, giving comments such as “You should workout in sweatpants instead of yoga pants” and calling her fat.

In the episode, some people speak up and call the bullying actors out, whereas others keep quiet (What Would You Do?, 2020) This may be a social experience; however, it is not unique.

In 2012 the famous actor Charles Melton tweeted “Fat Chicks need to understand that wearing yoga pants is a privilege not a right”

(What Would You Do?, 2020) Furthermore, giving additional examples, blogger Melissa McEwan created the

hashtag “#FatMicroaggressions” for overweight people to share the inappropriate comments they received on a daily basis.