As a person who only buys second hand with pride, I am very custom to this situation. What the person is really thinking is not ‘’oh, okay’’, it is rather ‘’how gross, is she really buying dead people’s clothes? She must have gotten it from a dumpster.’’

These prejudice thoughts come from people who solely buy their clothes from online sites like nelly.com or bubbleroom. Considering the climate anxiety we have to handle as the unlucky generation X, I would like to clarify some things about thrift stores and the art of second hand shopping.

From the outside, a second hand shop might get mixed up with a poorhouse for homeless people. Here you can find all kinds of shady characters ranging from the local weed smoking man who might be considered too old to wear those baggy hip hop jeans and that weird hat with too many colours, to the polite lady with leather gloves and a fancy chihuahua which everyone thinks for its own sake should be put to death because of all the cigar smoke the poor soul must put up with all day.

My point is – there is a tremendous variation of visitors in the thrift shop. And that is partly the reason thrift stores are the best – in what other room can you find a stoner and a cheeky old lady at the same time?