The events in Charlottesville the 12th of August 2017 shook a lot of people around The United States of America. White supremacists and nazis protested in a “Unite the right” rally against the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue and chanted “white lives matter” and “blood and soil”.

this made the anti-racists and anti-fascists strike back against them. A car rammed into the counter-protesters since they were there to stop the protesters and it all resulted in multiple people injured and one dead, but it made the protests stop and Charlottesville could “go back” to the way it was before it all started. I am going to argue about why I think violence is wrong but more justified in some situations.

Racism and fascism is a big problem in our society today, it is a global issue and something that affects the majority of us. Racism is never okay no matter what, the counter-protesters is standing up for an equal society and a good cause for the world.

A poll made by CNN in 2015 shows that only 49% out of 1,951 people thought racism was a problem in America, which is 51% too little. In the same poll there were 43% white people who thought that racism was a problem, the black and hispanic groups were both much higher in percentage and that shows that they are experiencing a lot more racism than white people.

This might seem like an obvious fact, but this also shows that some of the white people do not think that racism is a big problem when it actually is. To make a conclusion out of it, racism is still a very big issue in America and the counter-protesters tried to make even a little change by stopping the rally, even if it meant using violence.