Shakespeare was born in 1564 on April 23 the place of birth is in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England.

He leaves the school at 13 years old because his father got caught trading wool and could no longer pay for his school.

The first famous Shakespeare quote was about humans. Does it capture what it means to be human? Why/Why not?

Some people see life as a play or some sort of game. The quote means that our entire life’s is a play on a stage and that we have different roles to act in and to take stand in.

We enter life as babies and exit as old people, kind of like you enter and exit a stage. A person also plays many different parts, like a friend, a mother, a sister and so on.

Shakespeare write three different types of literature – which are Plays, sonnets and poetry.

In that time the women who waited too long to get married it means, there was something wrong with them and they would be labelled a witch.

In 1592 moved Shakespeare to London to become an actor and a writer.